Your OSHA 2023-2024 Executive Council:

Dr. Kathy Wheat


Kristel Evans


Leslie Baldwin


Kerry Moore


Nicole Power

1st Vice President

Dr. Ramesh Kaipa

 2nd Vice President

Mary Aboud

Councilor-at-Large, 2023-2024

Beth Lane

Councilor-at-Large, 2022-2023



OSHA Committee Vice Presidents:

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  • Advocacy:  Mona Ryan
  • Audiology Issues: Brandon Vincent
  • Budget & Finance:  Allie Bartlett
  • Bylaws:  Tara Stephenson
  • Conferences:  Nicole Power
  • Continuing Education:  Jenny York*
  • Culture & Inclusion: Lidiette Hamilton
  • Honors:  Debbie Earley
  • Medical Issues:  Kelli Marshall**
  • Membership:  Hope Plum
  • Nominations & Elections: Kristel Evans, Mandie Harris (2022-2023) and Sarah Launchbaugh (2023-2024)
  • Private Practice Issues:  Emily Hathaway
  • Public Relations and Marketing:  Sarah Baker
  • Services in the Schools:  Gyla Davis
  • Speech Pathology Issues:  Karen Copeland
  • Standards & Ethics:  Emily Perry
  • Student Liaisons:  Student representatives from each school NSSLHA program

*Jenny York also serves as the ASHA StAMP (State Advocate for Medicare Policy) Representative
As the VP of Medical Issues, Kelli Marshall also serves as the ASHA StAR (State Advocate for Reimbursement) Representative 

OSHA Governance

The Oklahoma Speech-Language-Hearing Association is governed by an elected Executive Council. The actions of the Executive Council are reported at least annually to the Association Membership. Our association doesn't operate without great leaders who volunteer their time and energy. Get involved!