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Person-Centered Management from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Severe Dementia: Practical Strategies for SLPs
Natalie Douglas, PhD, CCC-SLP
0.40 CEUs

Offered On-Demand until August 20, 2023 (must complete course by 8/31/23 for credit)

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In this session, the unique role of the speech-language pathologist across mild cognitive impairment to severe dementia will be described. Case examples will illustrate key research updates impacting clinical practice. Practical tools for assessment, goal writing, and treatment planning will be provided. Through the lens of person-centered care, skilled strategies to support communication and quality of life will be highlighted. 


  1. Describe the role of the speech-language pathologist across mild cognitive impairment to severe dementia 
  2. Apply person-centered assessment and treatment techniques to people living with cognitive-communication disorders 
  3. Discuss special considerations of care partners and primary progressive aphasia when working with this population 


Natalie Douglas, PhD, CCC-SLP,  is a professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Central Michigan University and an editor for the adults section of the Informed SLP. Dr. Douglas has spent the last 20 years supporting people living with dementia, aphasia, and other communication disorders through clinical practice, quality improvement projects, teaching, and research. Her work has most recently been funded by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation, the National Institute on Aging, and the Learning Health Systems Rehabilitation Research Network. She is a leader at the intersection of Implementation Science and Communication Sciences and Disorders with several publications in the area. 

Time Ordered Agenda
(4-hour course, 240 minutes) 

Time presented in minutes 

0-15:                Introduction, disclosures, Mild cognitive impairment introduction and background 

16-30:               Mild cognitive impairment assessment 

31-45:               Mild cognitive impairment treatment 

46-60:               Mild dementia introduction and background 

61-75:               Mild dementia assessment 

76-90:               Mild dementia treatment 

91-105:             Questions, discussion, short break 

106-115:           Moderate dementia introduction and background 

116-130:           Moderate dementia assessment 

131-145:           Moderate dementia treatment 

146-160:           Severe dementia introduction and background 

161-175:           Severe dementia assessment 

176-190:           Severe dementia treatment 

191-205:           Questions, discussion, short break 

206-215:           Special considerations—care partners 

216-230:           Special considerations—primary progressive aphasia 

231-240:           Wrap-up and conclusions