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ALERT:  OHCA Extends Telehealth Coverage

The notes below are based on a phone conference with OHCA Director of Medical Authorization and Review, Jaclyn Mullen, and OSHA representatives.

The OHCA has decided to extend telehealth coverage, based on the COVID-19 national and state emergency through April 30, 2021. Once the COVID-19 national and state emergency is lifted, there will be a decision made as to what services should be allowed for telehealth and what should be "closed down".

·  CURRENT (Previously approved) Prior Authorizations:

o Do not do any amendments at all!

o OHCA will be updating these approved PAs and deleting the line with the GT modifier as it will no longer be needed.

·  MOVING FORWARD (NEW PA submissions):  

o Submit as they were previously for just the total number of units requested, with no regard to place of service and no GT modifier.

o Do NOT put a GT modifier on anything. If any or all of the services will be conducted via teletherapy, the PA will not change, only the submission of claims will change (indicated by the place of service 02 for teletherapy)

o Place of service change for claim submission must be implemented no later than 10.31.2020.  So starting 10.31.2020 - any and all teletherapy services MUST be submitted without the GT modifier and with the 02 place of service.

·  HARD DATE:  October 31st

o Any teletherapy on or before Oct. 30th - bill as GT modifier

o Any teletherapy on or after Oct. 31st - bill as 02 place of service.

·  Anything in-between that isn't going through, should be able to be manually adjusted to the 02 place of service, and remove the GT modifier and it should pay (if you have prior auth for the service).

·  When OHCA does the manual updates of the current approvals, they will combine the lines to be just one line of the fully approved units (as opposed to a line with the GT and a line without the GT)...then they will send out a global message so that we know the updates are complete.  

o We encourage you at this time to log in to the OHCA portal and re-print any PA approvals to be sure you have the updated information for your records and call OHCA with any discrepancies.

If you have questions about these changes, you may reach out to Emily Hathaway, VP of the OSHA Private Practice Committee, via email at emily@speechpathway.net or you can call OHCA at 1-800-522-0114.


State Licensure Compact, Salary Supplement Remain Top Priorities


Did you know? OSHA recently hired a professional lobbyist to advocate on behalf of Oklahoma audiologists and SLPs! This will ensure that issues important to us will be handled professionally, timely and effectively.

Although OSHA is working hard to achieve passage of legislation for state licensure compacts, in these unprecedented times, only a small number of legislative bills (primarily budget bills) are being heard by the Legislature. We will continue our efforts into the new session in the fall if our bills are not heard this session, which is the most likely outcome.

Licensure compact legislation would allow our professionals to have one multistate license with the ability to practice in the home state, as well as other states that are part of the compact.

For questions, please contact OSHA Advocacy Vice President Christy Reed.