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ALERT:  Healthcare Information Exchange

Dear Members:

The Oklahoma Health Information Exchange (HIE) goes into effect on July 1st 2023.  It impacts all SLPs and the information we have implies it could impact audiologists as well.  

The HIE mandate will require all SLPs (and potentially audiologists) who provide services (even private pay) to pay $5,000 to register to use the required HIE database.  We have also gathered that there are monthly fees, but those amounts are unclear at this time. We have not received a clear answer as to whether the mandate would also include school SLPs. 

It is the position of OSHA that the HIE is an undue financial burden and will decrease patient access to quality care.  

The cost of registering for HIE will cause many members who are small clinic owners, or those who see small numbers of clients from home, to close their businesses. There is already a shortage of service providers, especially in rural areas. The financial burden of this mandate will continue to reduce numbers of practitioners and decrease client access to care.

OSHA has reviewed the proposed benefits of participating in HIE and we have concluded that there are few to no benefits for our members or clients. The HIE mandate harms clients by increasing time spent on paperwork and decreasing direct care time and access. 

OSHA is seeking a permanent exemption for our members. 

What can you do? The OHCA board meeting to approve the final rules is on the 17th of this week. Please email the members of the board.  Respectfully explain that HIE is a financial burden and impacts client care negatively by reducing access to care.  Respectfully request a permanent exemption for all SLPs and audiologists. 

Marc Nuttle - Chairman - Marc.Nuttle@okhca.org

Alex Yaffe - Vice Chairman - Alex.Yaffe@okhca.org

Tanya Case - Tanya.Case@okhca.org

John Christ - john.christ@okhca.org

Jeffrey Cruzan, M.D. - Jeffrey.Cruzan@okhca.org

Corey Finch, M.D. - Corey.Finch@okhca.org

Phillip Kennedy - Phillip.Kennedy@okhca.org

Steve Miller - OHCA HIE Coordinator - Stephen.miller@okhca.org