Your OSHA 2017 Executive Council:



Suzanne Kimball, President

Suzanne Kimball



Lindsay Hanna, President-Elect

Lindsay Hanna


Lendy Duncan, Vice President

Lendy Duncan

Vice President

Lendy Duncan, Vice President

Christina Santos

Vice President-Elect

Lendy Duncan, Vice President

Tamara Elder


Lendy Duncan, Vice President

Emily Hathaway


Lendy Duncan, Vice President

Jillian Detwiler


Not pictured:

  • Past-President:  Jeff Meadows
  • Council-At-Large:  Linda Sealey-Holtz

OSHA Committee Chairs:

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  • Budget & Finance:  Temple Stewart
  • Bylaws:  Tracy Grammer
  • Conferences 2017:  Lendy Duncan
  • Conferences 2018:  Christina Santos
  • Continuing Education:  Leah Cannaday
  • Governmental Regulations:  Christina McDougall
  • Honors & Awards:  Allie Bartlett 
  • Audiology Issues:  Debbie Earley
  • Speech Pathology Issues:  Tracy Grammer
  • Membership:  Susan Benson and Susan McHugh
  • Nominations & Elections:  Jeff Meadows, Chair; Janette Quarles; and Lacie Martin
  • Publications:  Linda Sealey
  • Publicity & Public Relations:  Vacant
  • School Issues:  Kathy Wheat
  • Standards & Ethics:  Karen Copeland
  • Medical Issues:  Teresa Bierig