Committee Descriptions

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Audiology Issues

Represents Audiology Assistants within the Associate Membership.

Budget and Finance

Each year the committee prepares and submits to Executive Council a budget proposal for the Association's ensuing fiscal year.


Drafts and recommends changes in the Association's Bylaws and Standing Rules to Executive Council, and makes thm available to the Membership.


Plans and arranges for Association conferences and membership meetings.

Continuing Education

Carries out the administrative procedures necessary for Continuing Education credit.

Governmental Regulations

Addresses issues that may affect the professions and the delivery of speech and hearing services to the public, including licensure, certification, accreditation and other professional regulations.


Recommends to Executive Council recipients for Association honors and awards.  Also oversee the process of awarding scholarship funds.

Medical Issues

Facilitates communication between all disciplines in medical speech-language pathology. This committee also maintains a working relationship with the Oklahoma Academy of Medical Speech-Language Pathologists (OAMSLP).


Exercises general supervision over matters relating to Membership. Receives and processes all membership applications, recommends new members for the consideration of Executive Council, and is responsible for publication of the Membership Directory.

Nominations and Elections

Conducts nomination and election procedures. 

Private Practice Issues

Facilitates communication between speech-language pathologists and audiologists in private practice.  This committee will maintain a working relationship with state agencies and other third party payers.

Public Relations and Marketing

Informs the public of the work of the profession, the Association, and its members through the use of a speaker's bureau the public news media, the national office of ASHA, and other agencies.

Services in the Schools

Fosters relationships between the Association and services providers and administrators in public and private school settings.The Committee Chair, also serves as State Education Advocacy Leader (SEAL).  

Speech Pathology Issues

Represents Speech-Language Pathology Assistants within the Associate Membership.

Standards and Ethics

Administers the Association's Code of Ethics and promotes the establishment and maintenance of the Association's professional standards.

Student Liasion

Represents the Student Membership. All Student Liaisons must be a Student Member of the Association.