Key Reasons to Join Your State Association


OSHA is Oklahoma's only ASHA-recognized State Association for Speech-Language Pathologists, SLP Assistants and Audiologists. OSHA represents you, as you serve your Oklahoma clients. Your membership in OSHA allows your voice to be heard on important issues of the profession.

INFORMATION - We are part of a dynamic, evolving profession. Keep up with important happenings at the state and national levels.

  • E-Blasts to keep you apprised of urgent and important professional issues
  • E-Capitol.Net - Through this subscription legislative tracking service, OSHA monitors all bills coming before the state Legislature that may affect our professionals and/or Oklahomans with communication disorders, and keeps you up-to-date.
  • Access to "Members Only" portion of website, including an active job board, member directory and much more

COLLABORATION - Two heads (or three...or a hundred) are better than one! Keep in touch with your colleagues for creative problem-solving, brainstorming new projects and approaches, and for that much-needed emotional support!

  • Professional Networking
  • Peer Support
  • Special Interest Caucuses
  • OSHA maintains committees on school issues, audiology issues, medical issues, governmental regulations, and private practice issues. 

CONTINUING EDUCATION - Maintain certification and be a lifelong learner.

  • Reduced Conference and Workshop Fees
  • Greater access to professional learning opportunities
  • Reciprocity with surrounding states

ADVOCACY - There is strength in numbers! A large membership base allows OSHA to have a voice in administrative and public policies that impact you as a professional! We can work toward positive change better together. Positive change occurs through the collective efforts of OSHA members.

  • Oklahoma's State Education Advocacy Leaders (SEALs) are appointed to advocate on education issues. These issues include caseload/workload, salary supplements, and maintenance of personnel standards in school settings. SEALs can be SLPs or audiologists.
  • Oklahoma's State Advocates for Medicare Policy (StAMP) Network, whose mission is to enhance and perpetuate the advocacy, leadership, and communication of ASHA members at the state level to influence administrative and public policy decisions that impact Medicare coverage and reimbursement of audiology and speech-language pathology services.
  • Capitol Day - An orchestrated, annual visit to the State Capitol, and a great way for students and professionals to increase the visibility of our profession and advocate on a personal level for individuals with communication disorders.
  • OSHA members have fought to obtain, and maintain, salary supplements for SLPs working in the schools.

STUDENT SUPPORT - Do you remember the challenge of paying for graduate school? Every year, OSHA awards at least one $1,000 student scholarship. Member donations to the Student Scholarship Fund ensure the continuation of this much needed, and appreciated, student support.